Display all shift assignments from a working area


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Display all shift assignments from a working area


I'm trying to implement your API for Young Capital. They would like to display all shift assignments for a working area (for a range of two weeks).

Their requirement doesn't sound too crazy but I don't think there's a way to easily implement this using the current API. Could you tell me if it's possible for you to add either:

  1. a parameter [user_ids] for the assignments list. (Currently you can only pas a shift_id. Ideally you would have a [working_area_id] parameter, but that requires more work on your side...)
  2. to the user json, { assignments: [assignment_ids] } (Less ideal, because I can understand that this potentially returns a very large dataset.)

We would ideally need a scope of 200 items per page so we don't have to loop over all the pages and can add display them nicely in one calendar view.

Kind regards,
Martijn Lafeber