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Import Absences from Bamboohr

Good day! I have the task to import absences from Bamboohr to Papershift using the API's. I already have the needed data from Bamboohr stored in an array.
I have some trouble understanding the "Absences" section in the PapershiftAPI.

Example of my array from Bamboohr Absences:
user_id: 79
start: 2017-10-18
end: 2017-10-19
type: Krankheit

this one example absence I wan't to import to Papershift, however I don't understand the following:

  • what are absence_type_external_id/absence_type_id/user_external_id/user_id and what are they used for?
  • In bamboohr I have a user with "user_id" 79, now I want to link this ID with the same user on Papershift. Where can I enter this id 79? I tried to use "staff_number", but it is only accessible from the "users".
  • Where do I enter the absence type?(Krankheit in the example)

I can maybe set the "external_id", however the only way i found is through the API. Is there any other way to set it?